Hike of the Month- Spider Meadows

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For years I’ve read articles about Spider Meadows, but for one reason or another, just never made it that way. Well, happily that all changed this week. Me and a group of friends–some new and some old– got our acts together and headed out! I was really surprised at what a mellow but absolutely beautiful hike it was! Yes, it’s a little on the long side for some (5.5 miles in to the meadow) and yes, it will consume a good portion of one of your traveling days, but it is well worth it! The trail was by and large clear of rocks, roots and downed trees (I think we had to pass 3, but they were easy) and it leads hikers to the most impressive, crazy photogenic meadow you will find. The meadow opens into a massive swath of wildflowers–likely at least 10 different varieties–everything from Indian Paintbrush and Lupine, to Columbine and Yarrow. The meadow also sits at the base of a massive horseshoe valley and Phelps Basin complete with cascading waterfalls and snowfields in the distance. If you’rer feeling fit and ready for and even bigger challenge, continue through the meadow and up Spider Pass.  Walk up, up, up the final stretch (a big snow field) until you reach Spider Gap with views of Upper Lyman Lakes. Accessing Spider Gap does add extra mileage and considerable elevation gain, so go in with your eyes open and know you’ll be huffing and puffing 🙂 It’s worth it though. Soooo beautiful.

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